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Plainchant in English

Sarum Chant with English words

TitleExtentStandard PricePrice for PMMS members
An Order for Compline (new, revised edition) £2.95
£26.70 for 10 copies
£20.00 for 10 copies
The Ordinary of the Mass
[traditional language, for BCP but adaptable for Common Worship etc]
67 pages£4.95£3.96
The Plainsong of the Holy Communion
[‘The Little Red Book’, also including tones for prayers and dialogues, traditional language for BCP but adaptable for Common Worship etc]
16 pages£1.20£0.80

Plainchant and Polyphony in Latin

Practical editions for performance

TitleEditorExtentStandard PricePMMS member
The Play of Danieled. David Wulstan (2007)60 pages£4.99
£40 for 10 copies
£30 for 10 copies
Eight Sequences for St. Benedict and St. Scholasticaed. David Hiley
24 pages£0.60£0.40
Matins at Cluny for the Feast of St Peter’s Chains
[a complete edition of the office for a patronal feast day at this great monastery]
ed. Donat R. Lamothe & Cyprian G. Constantine
85 pages£3.00£2.00
The Office Hymns of Dufay:
a selection
[12 hymns for the Church’s year]
ed. Gareth Curtis
32 pages£3.00£2.00
John Plummer:
Four motets
ed. Brian Trowell
34 pages; copies have rusted staples£0.60£0.40


AuthorTitleDetailsStandard pricePMMS member price
ed. Marc Stewart and David WulstanThe Poetic and Musical Legacy of Heloise and Abelard2003,
164 pages, published with Institute of Mediaeval Music as Musicological Studies, 78;
ISBN: 1-896926-51-7
ed. Mark EveristFrench 13th-century Polyphony in the British Library1988,
71 pages and 32 plates;
facsimile of MSS Add. 30091 and Egerton 2615 (ff.79-94v);
ISBN: 0-9509211-2-2
ed. Lila Collamore and Joseph P. MetzingerFrere’s Index to the Antiphons of the Sarum Antiphoner1990,
75 pages;
a companion to the facsimile of the Sarum Antiphoner
Terence BaileyThe Ambrosian Alleluias1983,
156 pages
Dom Anselm HughesSeptuagesima (Reminiscences)1959,
79 pages;
a memoir and account of the early history of the PMMS