Cantigas de Santa Maria (13c.)

Compiled by Jerome F. Weber

This discography of the Cantigas de Santa Maria collected by Alfonso X el Sabio (1221–84), king of Castile, León and Galicia (r. 1252–84), is based on the facsimile of the principal source, El Escorial, Codex j. b. 2, prepared by Higinio Anglés (Barcelona, 1964; his edition is long out of print and unavailable to the compiler). It has been in progress for many years, and a selective version appeared in Fanfare 18:5 (May/June 1995), but the research has been refreshed anew from the original records and newly reformatted to match the Du Fay and Josquin des Prez discographies on this website. The excellent work of Pierre Roberge and Todd McComb in has furnished numerous additional entries (generally, those that lack timings and verses). Michael Gray’s website,, provided details of some entries.

The works are listed alphabetically and identified by the index numbers in the Anglės edition, adding the number of verses in Codex j. b. 2. The alphabetical order is strictly letter by letter, ignoring word separation and punctuation, a change from the April 2017 version. The recordings are arranged chronologically, citing conductor, ensemble, date of recording if known, timing if available, and the verses included. Following is the issued format (78, 45, LP, 45LP, MC, CD, SACD), the label, the issue number(s), album title and track numbers.

At least 377 out of 427 cantigas have been recorded. The total number (427) is reduced to 420, due to the duplication of 165 and 395; 192 and 397; 210 and 416; 267 and 373; 289 and 396; 295 and 388; and 349 and 387. Over 300 cantigas have been recorded in Eduardo Paniagua’s Pneuma series of 42 CDs. Many of the recordings of longer cantigas fill in some verses with spoken recitation.

Additions and corrections may be conveyed to the compiler for inclusion in a revised version of the work. Go to and click on ‘contact us’. A scan of a CD booklet that provides needed data would be invaluable.


April 2017; revised October 2017; revised July 2020

This publication won the ARSC Award for Excellence in Historical Recorded Sound Research as the Best Discography in Classical Music for 2018, the first year that online publications were eligible. The compiler won the same award in 1991, the first year it was given, for A Gregorian Chant Discography (2 vols., 1990), which has since been superseded by online.

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Cantigas de Santa Maria Discography July 2020

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