PMMS 2018 Study Day and AGM: The Queen’s College Oxford, Saturday 20 October 2018

The Use of Sarum: Liturgies and Liturgical books

This study day focuses principally on the liturgies and liturgical books of the Use of Salisbury, including the Lady Mass (the day incorporates a Lady Mass, with polyphony by Ludford) and the intriguing relationships between the manuscript and printed Sarum liturgical books of the 1510s and 1520s. The event marks two anniversaries: the 500th anniversary of the completion of a new antechapel at The Queen’s College, stained glass from which survives in the current chapel; and the 20th anniversary of the inauguration of DIAMM, the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music. It also marks the completion of the new edition – by John Harper with Sally Harper and Matthew Cheung Salisbury – of Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary according to the Use of Salisbury, to be published this year within the series Early English Church Music.


The Queen’s College, Oxford: Shulman Auditorium

10.15 Arrival, coffee

10.50 Opening: Owen Rees

11.00 Matthew Cheung Salisbury, ‘From performed reality to written witness, and vice versa’

11.30 John Harper: ‘Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Use of Salisbury: the shaping and refinement of a liturgy c. 1100 to c. 1500’

12.00 John Caldwell: ‘The development of the Latin liturgical psalter’

12.30 Magnus Wililamson: ‘The most excellent, vigilant and reverend Bishop of Winchester, and the egregious Dr Sampson: the textual states of printed chant books’

1.00 lunch & PMMS AGM

2.00 DIAMM 20th-anniversary presentation, led by Julia Craig-McFeely


3.00 Lady Mass (including Nicholas Ludford’s Saturday Lady Mass)

Magrath Room (Front Quad, Old Lodgings Staircase)

4.30  Tea, and pre-launch of Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary according to the Use of Salisbury (Early English Church Music 59–60)


Registration is free. A voluntary donation will be collected at the end of the morning. We suggest a donation of £10 (waged), £5 (PMMS member/student/unwaged), or £3 (PMMS student member). Lunch is not provided: there are several sandwich shops and cafés on the High St near Queen’s.


If you would like to attend, please email Prof. Owen Rees ( by Saturday 13 October.


See information on previous events.

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