The Play of Daniel


David Wulstan’s  edition of the Play of Daniel is  available from RSCM Music Direct (PMMS members should see our publications page for details of how to receive a 25% discount).

David Wulstan’s staged performances of Daniel with the Clerkes of Oxenford were internationally acclaimed in the 1960s and 1970s. This new edition is both a historiographical record of the treatment of the music in those classic performances and a practical guide to the ways in which the music can be brought to life today.

Unlike the earlier edition, with unmeasured notation, this edition presents a rhythmic interpretation. As the editor points out, you cannot have an army marching to unmeasured chant. There are extensive notes on text and performance.


Typeset by The Art of Music, The Play of Daniel is published in association with the Royal School of Church Music.


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