Llibre Vermell (14c.)

Compiled by Jerome F. Weber

This discography of the Llibre Vermell, the 14th-century “red book” of the abbey of Montserrat, is based on the edition and facsimile prepared by Maria Carmen Gómez Muntané, El Llibre Vermell de Montserrat – Cantos y Danzas (Barcelona: Los libros de la Frontera, 1990) and the second edition in Catalan with English summary, El Llibre Vermell de Montserrat – Cants i Danses (Barcelona: Els llibres de la Frontera, 2000).  It has been in progress for many years, but the research has been refreshed anew from the original records and newly reformatted to match the Du Fay and Josquin des Prez discographies on this website. The excellent work of Pierre Roberge and Todd McComb in www.medieval.org/emfaq has furnished additional entries (generally, those that lack timings and verses). Michael Gray’s website, classical-discography.org, provided details of some entries.

The works are listed in the order of appearance in the source. Recordings of the complete book are marked by an asterisk (*), and all are arranged chronologically, citing conductor, ensemble, date of recording if known, timing and the verses of six songs if available. Following is the issued format (78, 45, LP, MC, CD, SACD), the label, the issue number(s) and the album title of collections.

Additions and corrections may be conveyed to the compiler for inclusion in a revised version of the work. Go to Chantdiscography.com and click on ‘contact us’. A scan of a CD booklet that provides needed data would be invaluable. It may be noted that Etcetera KTC 1286 (rec. 2005), not listed, sets the texts to original music; Autor SA 00896 (rec. 2002), not listed, is a setting of the texts by Xavier Benguerel; “Llibre Vermell XXI” (issued 2011), not listed, is a jazz version.

PMMS Llibre Vermell discography

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