Lassus Sacred Music (d. 1494)

Compiled by Jerome F. Weber

This discography of the sacred music of Orlandus Lassus (Orlando di Lasso) is for the most part newly compiled, though the first sixteen pages have existed in working files for many years and the newly compiled Magnificats were published separately on this site in January 2019. The list of motets in Grove’s Dictionary 5 (1954) was rearranged into alphabetical order, then corrected from The New Grove Dictionary (1980). Page numbers from SW are given unless SWnR is indicated (H).

A few titles have been lengthened for clarity. Only 22 Masses have been recorded complete. Unrecorded authentic Mass titles are included, but unrecorded Magnificat and motet titles are omitted unless the motet incipit is similar to another work. The list of motets includes secular texts, and hymns (eight have been recorded) are added to the list of motets. Cross-references have been inserted for clarity. The twelve textless motets (bicinia) of Cantiones duarum vocum (1577) are not included here; all twelve can be heard with the texted bicinia on Tactus TC 530301 (TC 531202) and Paraty 111.114. Michael Gray’s website has furnished many details. Olivier Buttex, David Crook, Martin Elste, Pekka Gronow, Daniel Leech-Wilkinson, Rainer Lotz, Jonathan Manton and Karl Schrom have furnished much useful data. Several entries were found in James Erb’s selective discography in Orlando di Lasso: a guide to research (Garland, 1990).

The recordings of each work are arranged chronologically, citing conductor, ensemble, date of recording and timing; then the format of the recording (ac, 78, 45, 33, LP, MC, CD, SACD, DVD), the label, the issue number(s), album title and track or band number. Each recorded performance is indicated, if known, as: with instruments (w/i), no instruments (n/i), or instrumental only. The first 14 recordings (1925–33), the first three complete Masses and the first five Magnificats have been identified. Recorded works listed under Motets number 322.

Additions and corrections may be conveyed to the compiler for inclusion in a revised version of the work. Go to and click on ‘contact us’. A scan of a CD booklet that provides needed data would be invaluable.


Masses, page 2

Psalmi Davidis Poenitentiales, page 10

Hieremiae prophetae lamentationes, page 12

Prophetiae Sibyllarum, page 13

Lagrime di San Pietro, page 14

Responsoria pro Triduo Sacro, page 15

Lectiones matutinae de nativitate Christi, page 15

Passions, page 15

Sacrae lectiones ex propheta Iob, page 16

Magnificats, page 17

Motets, page 20

PMMS Lassus Sacred Music Discography May 2020 (opens pdf)

September 2019; revised May 2020. In the same series: discographies of composers and subjects ranging from the 12th to the 16th centuries. Note especially Palestrina and Victoria.

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