Aquitanian and Calixtine polyphony discography

This discography of twelfth-century polyphony was compiled by Jerome F. Weber with reference to the edition published by Theodore Karp (University of California Press, 1992). The discography consists of two parts. Aquitanian polyphony comprises the four manuscripts once held at the abbey of St. Martial and now identified as Paris, BnF lat. 3549; London, BL add. 36881; Paris, BnF lat. 3719; and Paris, BnF lat. 1139. Calixtine polyphony comprises the contemporaneous Codex Calixtinus, held at the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. The discography has been in progress for many years, and it has now been formatted to match the Du Fay and Josquin des Prez discographies on this website. Within each part, the works are listed alphabetically and identified by the index numbers in the Karp edition. The recordings of each work are arranged chronologically, citing conductor, ensemble, date of recording if known, and timing if available. Following is the issued format (78, 45, LP, MC, CD, SACD), the label, the issue number(s) and album titles.

Forty-five out of 71 Aquitanian titles have been recorded. All twenty-two Calixtine pieces have been recorded, including the monophonic Dum pater familias which follows in the same part of the manuscript. The chants in this manuscript are indexed in Acknowledgment is due to Todd McComb’s website,, and Michael Gray’s website,, for details of some entries.

Additions and corrections may be conveyed to the compiler for inclusion in a revised version of the work. Go to and click on ‘contact us’. A scan of a CD booklet that provides needed data would be invaluable.

PMMS Aquitanian Polyphony January 2019 Discography (opens PDF)

November 2016; revised January 2019

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