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Plainchant in English

Sarum Chant with English words

Title Extent Standard Price Price for PMMS members
An Order for Compline
new, revised edition
£26.70 for 10 copies
£20.00 for 10 copies
The Ordinary of the Mass
[traditional language, for BCP but adaptable for Common Worship etc]
67 pages £4.95 £3.96
The Plainsong of the Holy Communion
[‘The Little Red Book’, also including tones for prayers and dialogues, traditional language for BCP but adaptable for Common Worship etc]
16 pages £1.20 £0.80

Plainchant and Polyphony in Latin

Practical editions for performance

Title Editor Extent Standard Price PMMS member
The Play of Daniel ed. David Wulstan (2007) 60 pages £4.99
£40 for 10 copies
£30 for 10 copies
Eight Sequences for St. Benedict and St. Scholastica ed. David Hiley
24 pages £0.60 £0.40
Matins at Cluny for the Feast of St Peter’s Chains
[a complete edition of the office for a patronal feast day at this great monastery]
ed. Donat R. Lamothe & Cyprian G. Constantine
85 pages £3.00 £2.00
The Office Hymns of Dufay:
a selection
[12 hymns for the Church’s year]
ed. Gareth Curtis
32 pages £3.00 £2.00
John Plummer:
Four motets
ed. Brian Trowell
34 pages; copies have rusted staples £0.60 £0.40


Author Title Details Standard price PMMS member price
ed. Marc Stewart and David Wulstan The Poetic and Musical Legacy of Heloise and Abelard 2003,
164 pages, published with Institute of Mediaeval Music as Musicological Studies, 78;
ISBN: 1-896926-51-7
£50.00 £32.50
ed. Mark Everist French 13th-century Polyphony in the British Library 1988,
71 pages and 32 plates;
facsimile of MSS Add. 30091 and Egerton 2615 (ff.79-94v);
ISBN: 0-9509211-2-2
£15.00 £10.00
ed. Lila Collamore and Joseph P. Metzinger Frere’s Index to the Antiphons of the Sarum Antiphoner 1990,
75 pages;
a companion to the facsimile of the Sarum Antiphoner
£3.00 £2.00
Terence Bailey The Ambrosian Alleluias 1983,
156 pages
£15.00 £10.00
Dom Anselm Hughes Septuagesima (Reminiscences) 1959,
79 pages;
a memoir and account of the early history of the PMMS
£12.00 £8.00

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